HandsOffMyDinosaur | About
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My name is Teo Zirinis, the artist behind HandsOffMyDinosaur! I’m currently based in Athens, Greece, where I’m working as a freelance illustrator. I’ve been turning my silly ideas into drawings for as long as I can remember. Inspired by food, cartoons, books and everyday life,  I always try to look at the happy, funny side of things :)


My work has been featured on various websites such as BuzzFeed, Bored Panda, 9Gag and Threadless and my illustrations have been printed on greeting cards, t-shirts and even made a couple of appearances in TV shows and film. I’m also the author and illustrator of two books: Monster Issues (self-published in 2018) and Let The Pun Shine (published in 2019 by Dog & Bone). 


For any sort of inquiry, feel free to get in touch through my contact page!